About the Builder

My "lutherie problem" began in the late 80s when some friends and I discovered the book Foxfire 3 in our high school library. Spring break was upon us, and two of us challenged each other to build a banjo in that fretless, rawhide style over the break. Family plans took him on a mountain bike trip to Moab's slickrock, while I inhabited my parents' basement where Dad's woodworking tools lived. At the end of the week, he had great memories; I had great memories and a banjo to boot!

Lutherie has been a passion and creative outlet since that first project. While I've built primarily six-string acoustic guitars in more recent years, the craft has taken me in a number of other directions as well, from a five-string guitar with banjo tuning to my walking stick guitars -- the travel guitar for those who travel on foot! You'll see examples of my work in the Gallery of Instruments.

I build a limited number of instruments in a year, and each receives a high level of individual attention during construction. It's a great thrill to build an instrument to the musician's specifications, and I'd love to work with you on yours!